How to Use the Multi-Cooker

Learn How to Use the Multi-Cooker.


The Multi-Cooker appliance is fairly straight-forward to use. It’s a handy “all-in-one” countertop appliance that allows you to use one or more cooking functions to prepare your meal. Below you’ll find a list of recommended ways to use a multi-cooker based on different types of recipes.

Single Cooking Function


Some recipes only require a single cooking function – like a slow cooker chicken recipe. You simple add all the ingredients from the recipe, follow the directions and the multi-cooker will take care of dinner.

You can make a skillet meal with the skillet or stovetop function.

To make a soup, you can simmer ingredients over low heat with the stovetop function.

You can also steam vegetables and seafood in the steamer rack.

With most models, you can adjust the temperature and time for all the single cooking functions.

Multiple Cooking Functions


Browning ground beef in multi-cooker with Chopstir tool.

The beauty of the multi-cooker is being able to use multiple cooking functions for the same meal.

The most popular (and easiest!) option would be a ground beef based recipe. You can brown the ground beef on saute or stovetop mode (depending on the model), and then you can use a second cooking function like slow cook or lower temperature to simmer in stove top mode. Instead of browning ground beef in a skillet, then transferring to slow cooker or larger saucepan, you can know make it all in the same dish. (Yay for less mess!) We recommend using a leaner ground beef, so you don’t have much (or anything) to drain from the multi-cooker.

You can brown the outside of beef roast, then let it slow cook the day away.

For vegetables, you can steam them and then saute in a butter or olive oil sauce.

You can brown chicken breasts to seal in the juices, then bake them with a delicious sauce (if the model you have has the bake function).


As the multi-cooker technology evolves, some models are available with “autoIQ technology” that allows you to simply load up the ingredients and press a single button based on the specific type of recipe. ie. PRESS: Quick Meals, Recipe 5. It’s important to follow the specific recipe directions when using the AutoIQ technology.

Of course if it’s a simple soup recipe, you can use other similar soup recipes with the same “AutoIQ Recipe Setting.” Just be sure that the normal cooking methods are similar enough and the time allows for any raw meat to be properly cooked through.

More on the Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ. 

As you explore and experiment with different recipes, you’ll grow in confidence with cooking with your multi-cooker.

Be sure to check out the Multi-Cooker Recipes Index for delicious meal ideas.

Please note that on this website, a multi-cooker is NOT considered an electric pressure cooker. Multi-cookers don’t have an electric pressure cooking function. Electric pressure cookers contain many of the multi-cooker functions, as well as the option to pressure cook your food. For more on Electric Pressure Cookers, visit Electric Pressure Cooking 101.