Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ

Watch as Erin unboxes the Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ and talks through the different cooking functions.

About the Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ

This multi-cooker is a “4-in-1” appliance with the main manual cooking functions of:

  • Slow Cooker
  • Stovetop – Sear, Saute
  • Steam
  • Bake.

One versatile countertop appliance with four cooking functions.

It also contains Auto-iQ technology that allows you to select a recipe, add your ingredients, and helps you cook!

This model contains 80 pre-programmed recipes, that you can follow to the T using the cookbook that comes with the appliance, or you can use similar ingredients and recipes that have the same cooking style, method and times.

This Ninja Cooking System also comes with Accutemp technology, and uses specific temperature calibrations that work behind the scenes to keep your cooking system from getting too hot, so meals don’t over boil. (Yes for meals not being over cooked or dried out!)

The appliances uses bottom heat, side heat and steam heat for “Triple Fusion” and perfectly cooked one dish dinners.

The “Auto Warm” feature allows the appliance automatically switches to stay Warm mode when slow cook, steam, or bake functions come to completion. This keeps your food hot and ready to serve without overcooking it.

With the manual functions, you also have the flexibility to program the desired time and temperature for precise cooking.

All around, this is a great small kitchen and countertop appliance that can assist you in getting amazing meals onto the table for your family. Be sure to check out the amazing list of Multi-Cooker Recipes and find a new family favorite.

Where to Buy Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ

The Ninja Cooking System with AutoIQ is available on Amazon for around $150. Prices on Amazon fluctuate often, so keep an eye out for sales and specials.


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