What is a Multi-Cooker?

A Multi-Cooker is a handy countertop appliance that sears, sautés, slow-cooks and steams—all in one pot. It’s the best of the best in kitchen appliances (except it does not have an electric pressure cooking function).

With most multi-cooker appliances, you simply add ingredients and press a button. Then it takes over the cooking from there. It automatically keeps food at the perfect serving temperature until it’s time to eat, too.

What is the MultiCooker?

Most are fully programmable with cooking functions like Slow Cook, Brown/Sauté, Steam and Bake. For example, with most models you can slow cook on high, low or keep warm. In addition, you can steam food in the steamer basket that comes with the appliance, and brown/saute/simmer whatever you might cook in a skillet or saucepan. Some models also include the option to bake dinner and desserts.

All models have an automatic “keep warm” function that ensures food stays at serving temperture until you’re ready for dinner.

Each model has a “base” with the heating element, an “insert” that varies in type (typically cast iron or aluminum), as well as a glass lid to keep steam inside the appliance when needed. (Remember the lid will be hot while cooking or warming! Use pinch mitts to keep hands safe!)

Most appliances come with a roasting/steaming rack that can be used to keep food off the bottom of the insert for steaming and roasting. You can also use other metal steamers that would fit within the insert. Many models come with a recipe booklet to help you get started with using your multi-cooker. Of course, you can get recipes from this website as well.

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Popular Multi-Cooker Appliances


Ninja Cooking System 4-in-1

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What is a Multi-Cooker?

Crock-Pot Brand

Order a Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker, 6 Qt. 5-in1.

What is a Multi-Cooker?

Instant Pot Gem Multi-Cooker

Order the Gem Multi-Cooker from Instant Pot.

What is a Multi-Cooker?


Please note that on this website, a multi-cooker is NOT considered an electric pressure cooker. Multi-cookers don’t have an electric pressure cooking function. Electric pressure cookers contain many of the multi-cooker functions, as well as the option to pressure cook your food. For more on Electric Pressure Cookers, visit Electric Pressure Cooking 101.